Fairy Tail

Hi guys Grayson here and today I am talking to you about a manga called Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail is about a boy named Nastu who is a Dragon slayer which means that he was rised by a Dragon. He is trying to find the dragon but meets Many friends on the way. This manga has a lot of surprises and will always be one of my favourites for a little while .


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imageHi guys I came across a book called Naruto which is a awesome book.

Now this book is about a boy named Naruto who is a prankster because his mum and dad have died so he wants people to notice him. He is a kid that has a special power that he does not know about it yet.

In school he always fails school because he does not know about how to use Chaka. Chaka is a energy that all people have which is used to use Jutsus( if you don’t get that aka Powers) he really wants to become a ninja but he always fails his jutsus so he can not pass. Then I guy comes and tells him how to pass the test( talk which is not right he just wants the scroll of sealing) so Naruto goes there and takes the scroll and learns the move called shadow clone jutsu and which is a hard move to learn. Anyway the guy comes to take the scroll Narutos teacher shows up, Naruto learns his special power that the guy tell him about,Naruto teacher nearly dies and Naruto save him with his new move Shadow clone jutsus Which his teacher and lets him pass school but anyway this is so good this book and that was only the first was which I think was the worst off this all.




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Sword Art Online

imageHi guys back With a new book which is called Sword Art Online(Sao) this anime and book series are so good and I think you would like this.

This book is about a boy who gets stuck in a video game called sword art online with many other players and have to get to floor 100 to get out of the game. A boy named krito is the main person in the book and meets many friends.( Spoilers coming ) later in th book/anime he meets a girl named Asuna who she falls in love with krito and krito love her. They also get marired and buy a house in the video game, still trying to get out. Later on they find out the person who’s made the game is really playing also and krito is a bata tester who has an extra skill called double edge sword which he keeps to him self until he needs to use it.

In the end this is a awesome book/anime and will always be one of my favourites and I also think that you guys should read/watch this anime/book bye guys.




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Welcome to me

hello my name is Grayson and I love anime books.

my reading habits are that I read 1 to 5 books a week also going to read at least 12 books till the end of June 2015

my favourite genre in anime books. My favourite book right now is pokemon diamond and pearl.

The book I am reading is pokemon and naruto good book and I think more people should read it

With this can people please comment some good anime books to read for me


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